At M Shop 360 each project is surveyed and planned specifically  to the unique needs of each of our clients. There are no cookie cutter packages or plans and our clients find comfort in that customization.  

New Server Installations

A server acts as a central hub, storing and securing all your critical data in one place. Access, share, and collaborate seamlessly, with complete control over user permissions and version history.
So ditch the slow loading times and frustrating error messages. An updated server provides the processing power and storage capacity to handle even the most demanding applications, keeping your team working at lightning speed.
Remember, a happy, productive workforce is a profitable workforce. Give your business the gift of a powerful, secure, and scalable server solution.

Email Migrations and Cyber Security Management

In today’s digital landscape, cyber threats lurk around every corner. One click on a malicious link, one unpatched vulnerability, and your entire network could be compromised. But fear not, for with our cybersecurity management services, you can rest assured your data is shielded by an impenetrable digital fortress.
Whether it’s wrangling the scalability beast of AWS, collaborating like a pro with Microsoft 365, or keeping it simple with Google Workspace, we’re your one-stop shop for untangling the tech and weaving it into a symphony of productivity.  Ditch the silos, scale to infinity, and work smarter, not harder. We’ll handle the magic; you focus on the mission.

Data Cabling Projects

Low voltage cabling projects cover the vital network of your infrastructure, from data and security systems to audio/visual. Imagine the smooth flow of information and seamless operation of critical functions throughout your space – that’s the magic of a well-designed and installed low voltage cabling system.
These unsung wires are the lifeblood of our digital lives, carrying the internet, phone calls, and even security camera footage to our devices. But with all the different types and categories, it can get confusing, so contact us for more information as to which is a better fit for your office’s technology environment.

Microsoft 365 Management

Microsoft 365 is a powerful beast, brimming with potential to boost your business productivity and collaboration. Like any powerful tool, it needs a skilled handler to unleash its full potential. That’s where we come in, your expert Microsoft 365 management tamers!
With our expert Microsoft 365 management, you can finally focus on what truly matters: growing your business. We’ll handle the techy bits, so you can conquer the market.
Ready to unleash the Microsoft 365 beast and watch your business thrive? Contact us today for a free consultation!

IT Projects